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SPECTRA Workstation

Slide Stainer and Coverslipper

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Faster Workflows and Proven Consistency from Slides 1 to 1,600

Your time matters. Speed up slide processing while maintaining quality and consistency with the HistoCore SPECTRA Workstation, the only workstation that provides consistent staining from slides 1 to 1,600. It also offers the fastest glass coverslipping drying time on the market at only 5 minutes, processing slides that are instantly dry to the touch.

  • Work harder. Process up to 570 dried slides per hour so you can transport immediately and not delay diagnosis.
  • Improve efficiency by 20%. This solution provides the unique flexibility to process H&E and special stains simultaneously at high throughput in parallel with 52 stations.
  • Save time. By using specifically-designed consumables, users ensure consistent staining quality and reduce the number of manual corrective actions for coverslipped slides.

Leica Spectra Workstation