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PlanarMet™ 300

PlanarMet™ 300 Planar Grinder


The PlanarMet 300 bench top planar grinding machine with a high torque, continuous duty, 5.7Hp motor has an aggressive material removal rate normally seen in much larger, more expensive floor model machines. Convenience features such as an integrated auto wheel dressing, compact interlocking safety cover, and built in cooling make it easy to get consistent results with this planar grinder.

The compact bench top design enables the PlanarMet 300 to sit side-by-side with the EcoMet and AutoMet Grinder-Polishers. The PlanarMet 300 uses the same central force specimen holders as EcoMet/AutoMet Grinder-Polishers, allowing additional preparation steps to be completed without transferring to a new holder.

Use our planar grinding stones for consistent scratch patterns and high material removal rates.

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