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Leica THUNDER Imager Model Organism

Laser Scanning Confocal

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Decode 3D biology in real time

The THUNDER Imager Model Organism allows fast and easy 3D exploration of whole organisms for developmental or molecular biology research. Thanks to Computational Clearing, your images reveal the finest structural details. No hassle with out-of-focus blur while maintaining the capabilities and ease-of-use typical for Leica stereo microscopes.

A THUNDER Imager Model Organism is the optimal instrument for studying, e.g., DrosophilaC. elegans, zebrafish, plants, and mice. One device for screening, positioning, and imaging your specimen. Simplify your workflow and study model organisms from a large overview to the highest detail.

Advantages for your research are:

  • Rapid acquisition of blur-free images showing fine details, even from deep within thick organisms
  • Keep even large model organisms under excellent physiological conditions during imaging
  • Simplify your organism handling for a more efficient imaging and analysis workflow