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IsoMet High Speed

IsoMet High Speed & High Speed Pro



The Buehler IsoMet High Speed Pro is a table top precision saw that provides efficient and precise cuts with intuitive control. The innovative machine and vise designs make setup quick and simple. Align cuts quickly by using the precision laser, tool-less adjusting and the 3-axis blade movement. Precision and abrasive cut samples are now made quicker without impacting cut quality.

The IsoMet High Speed Pro has a blade motor power of 2kW, which is the strongest motor on the market. This motor power ensures the blade will minimize the deformation of the sample surface, saving you time later in the material preparation process. Reduce the cut time without impacting the surface quality.

The IsoMet High Speed Pro has a variety of programmable capabilities. The simple user interface keeps the most important and frequently used features within one touch from the home screen.

IsoMet High-Speed Brochure