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Abrasive cutting is the most common method of sectioning to achieve a clean and efficient cut. Buehler’s abrasive blades are designed to provide high quality sectioning results with no burning and minimal surface deformation.

Buehler carries a wide range of different metallographic abrasive blades for sectioning machines that can be used for many different applications. Our abrasive blades for precision cutters have diameter ranges from 5 in (127 mm) to 7.9in (200mm) while out abrasive blades for abrasive cutters have diameter ranges from 10in (254mm) to 18 in (455 mm) and an arbor size of 1.25 in (31.75 mm).

Our abrasive blades are frequently used for sectioning many different materials including but not limited to ferrous materials, soft, medium, hard, and tool steel, stainless steel, super alloys, titanium alloys, and zirconium alloys.

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